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Steering and Suspension Repair

Right up there next to accelerating and braking responsibly is the ability to steer your vehicle. That’s pretty much a no-brainer. But did you know that your steering ability is closely tied to your vehicle’s suspension system? If something gets out of whack in your suspension system, steering can become wishy-washy, inexact and dangerously unpredictable. Steering and suspension repair could become necessary.

Your suspension system includes an intricately-aligned series of parts that work together to ensure smooth sailing and accurate steering. Any of the parts can fail, of course. Check your owner’s manual to discover how often you should schedule a steering and suspension inspection. Most steering/suspension systems checks should occur at least annually. If you drive a lot, you may need to inspect them more often.  Suspension parts that require periodic inspection include ball joints, control arms, control arm bushings, sway bar bushings and end links, trailing arms, lateral links, tie rods, idler arms, and pitman arms. (The parts just mentioned commonly wear out  and need replacing at some point.)

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