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Brake Service

Why trust us?

We are a family owned business that strives on making sure your brakes are safe and if needed done right the first time and ready for any road trip you might have planned.

What do we check and look at?

We look at brake pads, brake fluid levels, brake shoes, brake lines, brake rotors, wheel cylinders and test drive vehicle to check for any fading brake pedal or pulsation.

When we do any type of brake repair we only use high quality brake pads and shoes and lubricate the brake calipers, brake hardware and backing plates with the highest temperature grease to insure yiou get the best stoppingt power and extend longevity on your brake pads or brake shoes.


Why should you get us to do you brake job?

1.We strive to meet your satisfaction

2.We keep the job priced at at fair price for you.

3.We offer a free brake inspection.

4.We have over 35 years experience.

How do I know when my brakes are going bad?

  • If you hear your vehicles brakes squealing or grinding.

  • If you get a brake pedal pulsation or steering wheel shakes while braking.

  • Its been over 15000 miles since the last time you had the brakes checked.

  • Brake light or abs indicator light comes on.

  • Brake pedal becomes spongy or fades to the floor.

  • Stopping distance increases


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